Zoneminder – update database manually


How to update the zoneminder database manually:

After a new zoneminder update my webserver was ready. I host the database server on another virtual machine so i had to update the server manually.

First i wanted to copy the zmupdate script to the database vm, but then there came an error that i have to install zoneminder itself on the system too.

After i have installed the debian version the database wanted to backgrade because of a version mismatch. Then i had to look for a better solution because that way it wasn’t working.

"Version mismatch, system is version 1.30.2, database is 1.30.0.

Please run to update"


# update all of the versions between too!

scp -r /usr/share/zoneminder/db/zm_update-1.30.1.sql root@database://root/

scp -r /usr/share/zoneminder/db/zm_update-1.30.2.sql root@database://root/

#on the database

mysql -uzoneminder -p zoneminder < zm_update-1.30.1.sql

mysql -uzoneminder -p zoneminder < zm_update-1.30.2.sql

Change in the database table config (phpmyadmin or mysql cli) – ZM_DYN_DB_VERSION to 1.30.2

#on the zoneminder system -f

because of this error:

ERRConfig mismatch, expected 218 items, read 214. Try running ‚ -f‘ to reload config.

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