Ubuntu – fdisk /dev/ram0-15 – 64MiB

I wondered why i have 16 /dev/ram0-15 devices in my fdisk -l output.

Then i figured out that it’s normal if you have a fully encrypted system. So here’s the explanation:

The RAM disk driver is a way to use main system memory as a block device.  It
is required for initrd, an initial filesystem used if you need to load modules
in order to access the root filesystem (see Documentation/initrd.txt).  It can
also be used for a temporary filesystem for crypto work, since the contents
are erased on reboot.

The RAM disk dynamically grows as more space is required. It does this by using
RAM from the buffer cache. The driver marks the buffers it is using as dirty
so that the VM subsystem does not try to reclaim them later.

The RAM disk supports up to 16 RAM disks by default, and can be reconfigured
to support an unlimited number of RAM disks (at your own risk).  Just change
the configuration symbol BLK_DEV_RAM_COUNT in the Block drivers config menu
and (re)build the kernel.


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