pfsense – virsh startup error

I have removed the virtual network interface „brtsbot“ which was the own subnet for my teamspeak 3 music bot.

Because of that my pfsense firewall (virtual machine) doesn’t came up. So i had to remove the network interface brtsbot from the network card setting.

With virsh edit Firewall you are able to edit the xml config file from your virtual machine. There i have removed the part for the interface (searched for brtsbot and deleted the part).

After that i have restarted the pfsense vm but i couldn’t reach it. Then i have connected me to the hostsystem via virt-manager and had a look at the gui from the firewall vm.

There appeared the new configuration of the interfaces. So that was the problem. Every time you delete or add an interface you have to reconfigure pfsense. So i set the wan interface to vtnet1 and the lan network to vtnet0 and it worked 😉 You have to find out which device is wan/lan. This is a bit tricky. Just try one combination and if it doesn’t work the other one works for sure.

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