Icinga2 – monitor /dev/shm with check_disk

Icinga2 – failure at monitoring /dev/shm

I wanted to monitor /dev/shm but icinga couldn’t get the values.

„DISK UNKNOWN – free space:“

After a look in the debuglog i found out that the parameter „-X“ was set to tmpfs.

Because shm is a tmpfs filesystem you must configure disk_exclude_type to „nothing“.


Object Host:

vars.disks[„shm“] = {
disk_partitions = [ „/dev/shm“ ]
disk_wfree = „10%“
disk_cfree = „5%“
disk_exclude_type = „“


apply service:

apply Service for (disk => config in host.vars.disks) {
import „notification-enabled“
import „10minute-service“

check_command = „disk“
command_endpoint = host.name
display_name = „Speicherplatz“

vars += config


After a restart it is working:




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root@monitoring:/etc/icinga2/zones.d/master/services# vim users.conf apply Service "users" { import "notification-enabled" import "generic-service" check_command = "users" command_endpoint
root@sensors:/etc/icinga2/features-enabled# nano api.conf accept_commands = true

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