Aliexpress – Refund time (process)

A long time ago i have ordered something on Aliexpress. I wanted to buy some car keychains. Directly after the order process and payment there was something strange. They put me the shipping cost on top of the price but the product was shipping free! Then i have cancelled the order. Why should i pay shipping costs if the product is shipping free?

Cancelled Order

This is the cancelled order with the shipping cost:

Aliexpress - Refund time (process)

And ordered the new ones without the shipping cost.

Aliexpress - Refund time (process)

Paypal Case opened

Because you don’t know where the money lands, especially when there are those chinese hieroglyphs at the paypal recipient i have opened a buyer protection case. You never know if you can get the money back from chinese sellers and that was in my opinion the best case to keep the money.

I made screenshots that i have cancelled the order and wanted my money back. It’s as simple as that.

Aliexpress - Refund time (process)

After a while paypal declined my buyers protection case. I don’t match the criteria. Whatever that means. Ok, paypal won’t give me the money back. Then i should try it directly over aliexpress.

Aliexpress refund requested

I requested a refund for the product, said that the order was cancelled and made the screenshots that i paid for both via paypal.

Aliexpress - Refund time (process)

Aliexpress judged 0 dollar

Then Aliexpress directly came into the case. (Yeah, i have tried to contact the seller itself but you can forget this……)

Aliexpress - Refund time (process)

Aliexpress read the case, saw that i have paid for an order which has been cancelled and never been shipped.

And they suggested me 0,00$. 

Rejection of the Aliexpress Judgment

I rejected that. The seller wrote that the order had success. This this true, but not the cancelled order.

Aliexpress read the case again and offered me 0,00$.

Still no refund

Aliexpress refund time

Thanks! The order was cancelled in the beginning of October and it is nearly 2019 now. Refund is impossible over Aliexpress!

That are just 15$, but imagine if you order via Aliexpress for about 1.000 or even 10.000$ some products. That would been very disappointing because the money is completely gone!


In my case there is no Aliexpress refund time. You are not able to get your money back.

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