Foscam – Plugins are not found (can’t login/does not work)

Today i got this error message:

Plugins are not found, Click me to download

After the installation of the Foscam plugin it still does not work and I can’t login.

foscam Plugins are not found, Click me to download-does-not-work-can't-login


Most of the browsers (newer than Firefox 52, ….) doesn’t support NPAPI Plugins in the newest version.

That means you can’t use the camera plugin anymore (IPCWebComponents.exe) and you are not able to log into your camera.

Also the temporary solution to set plugin.load_flash_only to false is not a good solution in my opinion. Maybe in the next Firefox version they will remove this function and you can not log into your camera anymore.

Therefore i have installed Internet Explorer 11 just to view the cameras and edit some settings. I will never use this browser to go to external websites. With this old browser it works fine as before.

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