Bad SMB2 signature for message – SAMBA

I have got the following error message when i try to connect to my Samba share:

Bad SMB2 signature for message – SAMBA Error


Via adduser i have added the Samba user. This is wrong. You add Samba users via smbpasswd -a username

After the user was added correctly via the command above, and the samba server was restarted, everything worked fine (also the login with the user)

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  1. It’s been a while since you posted your solution on SMB2 error message;
    nevertheless it sort of helped me in 2023.

    After updating my Raspberry Pi 4 home server with new Raspberry Pi OS (Debian Bullseye clean install on a new microSD), everything worked fine after a little configuration works. Except for – you guessed it – Samba.

    Although the smb.conf reads
    unix password sync = yes
    and I firmly believed that the authentication/authorization data would be fine like this, on connection attempts I kept on getting
    error message (Samba version 4.13.13-Debian).

    After hours of quite fruitless diagnosis, your info reminded me to give smbpasswd -a myusername
    a shot (with sudo!) and I finally can reconnect to my SMB shares on my DIY NAS –
    thank you Mathias!

    Stefan from the north

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