4k TV – Youtube bandwidth requirement

How much bandwidth is required if you want to watch 4k movies on youtube?

My internet connection (DSL 25k):

Check which resolution i get with dsl 25k on my LG 49UH620V tv

Directly after the start of the 4k trailer:

4k TV - Youtube bandwidth requirement (49UH620V)

After 10-20 seconds the actual resolution increases to 3840 x 2076 px.

At the start of the 4k youtube trailer:

After 20-30 seconds the optimal resolution is reached:

4k TV - Youtube bandwidth requirement (49UH620V)

Third test: Even after 1:30 minutes the optimal resolution is not reached.


With DSL 25k you can watch youtube videos in 4k. Maybe you have to wait just 20-30 seconds to get the optimal resolution.

If you have a bad try you stuck at 2560 x 1440 px and dont get even 4k.

Be in mind that i use nearly 100 % of my bandwidth. If you have other devices in your home network it can become a serious problem.

With DSL 50k i think you should have instantly 4k on youtube.

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