WordPress faster with nginx / php7

How to make WordPress faster with nginx / php7:

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Step 1: Deactivate all WordPress Plugins!

Plugins make the Website a lot slower. I have only activated Yoast SEO / Akismet Anti-Spam and nothing else.

Step 2: Use php7 and nginx!

php7.0-fpm and nginx is very fast.

Step 3: Add expire header in nginx!

Cache jpg, css, js and png files.

Step 4: Deactivate Avatars in WordPress!

Nobody needs them and they take disk / network space.

Step 5: Optimize images with optipng!

This makes the images much smaller.

Step 6: Use minifier!

css / js minifier take less space.

Step 7: Avoid using external sources!

css / js / google ads from external domains take a long time to load. Try to put everything just onto your server.

Yeah i know, Youtube videos, images from amazon and piwik is a problem.

Step 8: Use http2!

Lead the web into the future.


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