vagrant – create arch linux virtual machine (vm)

create arch vm in vagrant:

 # create vagrantfile
 vagrant init terrywang/archlinux
 # start vm
 vagrant up
 # get shell
 vagrant ssh
 # user: root pw: vagrant

The nicest thing about vagrant: If you have installed virtualbox you can see the vm and connect to it via gui. The installation is very easy and very fast!

1. Virtualbox herunterladen (Windows hosts oben unter platform packages) 2. Kali Linux herunterladen
Install a Arch Server VM automatically with Ansible: Code on github:   create arch server
How to change the disk path manually from a virsh virtual machine: virsh edit monitoring
#on the vm itself boot the gparted live image iso and resize your partitions gparted
I have removed the virtual network interface "brtsbot" which was the own subnet for my

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