STEAM Link – Pair with TV Offline

I wanted to stream over STEAM Link but there was always the error message that my PC was offline.

My case: No internet connection but phone available with a bit traffic


How i got it working:

  1. My computer was not the same than the one in the STEAM Link list (nothing changed but still other computer?!)
  2. Add the new computer
  3. Open the pair dialogue on Link
  4. On the computer with the LAN network (no internet) the pair dialogue opens on the computer
  5. Mobile tethering via the smartphone over usb to the computer (network connection required just for pairing)
  6. Change the lan network to the smartphone tethering network
  7. Put in the Link pair code on your computer
  8. Press ok on the computer
  9. Change from tethering network to the lan network without internet
  10. Press ok on STEAM Link and now a connection test appears
  11. After a few seconds there is a perfect connection and STEAM Big Picture Mode opens

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