pfsense – slow upload speed

I noticed that all dedicated devices in my network had a very low upload speed. On all of my virtual machines i had the full speed of my internet connection.

The problem was my network card (DeLOCK PCI Express Karte (89346)). This card doesn’t seem to support tso. If i had an intel card like my mate it would have worked instantly.

my card: DELOCK PCIe Gigabit LAN 2x

homeserver dedicated brlan - 40-60KB/s

monitoring vm brlan e1000 - 550-560KB/s

firewall vm brlan/brwan/brtsbot - 560-570KB/s

workstation dedicated brlan - 40-60KB/s

tsbot vm brtsbot e1000 - 550-560KB/s

ethtool -K p1p1 gro off tso off

ethtool -K brlan gro off tso off

tso on (TCP segmentation offload) – datenpakete werden in der netzwerkkarte verarbeitet statt in der cpu

gro on (generic receive offload)

So it’s not always pfsense‘ fault 😉


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