Far Cry 5 – Hasen finden (How to find Rabbits)

Hasen finden in Far Cry 5 – How to find Rabbits and Bunnies

First you have to select Boomer. He marks animals for you.

If Boomer finds a rabbit you will hear a sound and you will see a symbol above the animals/rabbit.

(select the dog as a specialist)

far cry 5 rabbit bunnies hasen how to find

I had a bit trouble to find rabbits in the defined areas. Here it worked perfectly, even if this isn’t a rabbit/bunnie region.

(Left side of Langford Lake – blue big arrow)

far cry 5 rabbit bunnies hasen finden

After 2-3 minutes boomer marked a lot of animals and i got the achievement in Far Cry 5.

Here’s a video how you can easily get the achievement in the game.

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