WIFI Jammer – ESP8266 (WeMos D1 Mini) Tutorial

This is a Tutorial how to install a WIFI Jammer on the ESP8266 (in my case a WeMos D1 Mini).

Download the WIFI Jammer File:

In my case with the WeMos D1 Mini ESP8266:




Download NodeMCU Flasher:



Start the program (Flasher):

Select the correct COM Port

Config -> First line: Path of the downloaded bin file


Advanced -> Baudrate: 230400 -> Flash size: 512kByte -> Flash speed: 40Mhz

Operation -> Flash


Replug the USB Cable with the ESP


Check out the WIFI Networks:

pwned network appears -> connect to it -> password „deauther“

Visit in the browser. The webinterface appears.


Accept the notice

Here you are able to scan for WIFI networks, select the network you want and to attack it.

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