Mac OS X

Mac OS X – Repair nano Syntax Highlighting

How to repair syntax highlighting for nano under the ssh terminal on Mac OS X: /bin/ls /usr/local/share/nano/*.nanorc | xargs -I {} echo ‚include „{}“‚ >> ~/.nanorc After you execute the command on the terminal everything works fine again. All of the colors will reappear.

Nano – Redo / Undo under Mac

M-U and M-E are the control in nano under mac to Redo and Undo. But what is M-? Thats escape. If you press ESC and directly after (not at the same time) the „u“ key it works.

Convert flv to mp4 under mac os (brew)

How to convert flv video files to mp4 with just a single command under mac os. Just use the ffmpeg command. (brew and ffmpeg has to be installed) brew install ffmpeg ffmpeg -i 1.flv -c:v libx264 -crf 19 -strict experimental 1.mp4

MacOS Mojave – Dark Mode aktivieren

Es gibt ein neues Update (Mojave) für MacOS Seltsamerweise erschien es nicht als Update im App Store, jedoch konnte ich es über diesen Direktlink herunterladen: Mit dieser Version kommt der neue Dark Mode. Dieser verdunkelt das komplette Design im Betriebssystem. Systemeinstellungen -> Allgemein -> Erscheinungsbild -> dunkel

Mac OS X – How to view 360 degree images

How to view 360 degree images under Mac OS X: The normal image viewer under Mac can’t display 360 degree images. With this software it is possible:

Mac – Enable Spotlight file/app/folder search

Spotlight is the search field in Mac which finds your files/apps/folders. I had disabled it and now i wanted to enable it again to find my stuff.   Command for this: sudo mdutil -i on /   Directly after you have entered the command on the terminal app Spotlight indexes your files/apps/folders again.

Timeout for Mac – Stop executing command

I wanted to stop a executed command after a specified timespan. You have to install coreutils to get the timeout command.   Brew on Mac: brew install coreutils   Use timeout: gtimeout 5 whois gtimeout SECONDS COMMAND

mount point is itself on a OSXFUSE volume

Fehlermeldung mount_osxfuse: mount point /Users/BLABLUBB is itself on a OSXFUSE volume Lösung The folder is already mounted. Unmount it and try it again. umount /Users/BLABLUBB Then your mount command

Mac OS X – mount a share via sshfs

How to mount a sshfs share automatically under mac os x. Install osxfuse and sshfs and create a file, which mounts for you. brew cask install osxfuse brew install sshfs cat #!/bin/bash sshfs root@homeserver:/mnt/md0_crypt /Users/mathias/Desktop/md0_crypt/

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