Mac OS X

Nano – Redo / Undo under Mac

M-U and M-E are the control in nano under mac to Redo and Undo. But what is M-? Thats escape. If you press ESC and directly after (not at the same time) the „u“ key it works.

Timeout for Mac – Stop executing command

I wanted to stop a executed command after a specified timespan. You have to install coreutils to get the timeout command.   Brew on Mac: brew install coreutils   Use timeout: gtimeout 5 whois gtimeout SECONDS COMMAND

mount point is itself on a OSXFUSE volume

Fehlermeldung mount_osxfuse: mount point /Users/BLABLUBB is itself on a OSXFUSE volume Lösung The folder is already mounted. Unmount it and try it again. umount /Users/BLABLUBB Then your mount command

Mac OS X – mount a share via sshfs

How to mount a sshfs share automatically under mac os x. Install osxfuse and sshfs and create a file, which mounts for you. brew cask install osxfuse brew install sshfs cat #!/bin/bash sshfs root@homeserver:/mnt/md0_crypt /Users/mathias/Desktop/md0_crypt/

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