DNS Server

SSH – without internal domain name

How to access internal domain names directly without the suffix eg. mattionline.lan. Before: ssh homeserver@mattionline.lan After: ssh homeserver Systemd cat /etc/systemd/resolved.conf[Resolve]DNS= systemctl restart systemd-resolved resolved cat /etc/resolv.confnameserver mattionline.lan You don’t have to restart a service

resolved.conf / network auf systemd umstellen

sudo apt-get –purge autoremove network-manager network-manager-gnome vim /etc/systemd/resolved.conf [Resolve] DNS= DNSSEC=off #backwards compatiblity vim /etc/resolv.conf nameserver domain mattionline.lan apt-get remove –purge resolvconf systemctl disable dhcpcd systemctl disable networking cd /etc/ ln -s /run/systemd/resolv/resolv.conf resolv.conf systemctl enable systemd-resolved.service systemctl restart …

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Standard query response – No such name DS

How to debug DNS errors: DNSSEC validation failed Browser error This site can’t be reached monitoring.mattionline.lan’s server DNS address could not be found.DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Curl output mathias@workstation:~$ curl -v https://monitoring.mattionline.lan* Rebuilt URL to: https://monitoring.mattionline.lan/* Could not resolve host: monitoring.mattionline.lan* Closing connection …

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pfsense – dns server configuration

Services -> DNS Resolver -> Disable Services -> DHCP Server -> DNS servers -> After a network restart your linux workstation connects automatically to the dns server you set in the dhcp settings.  

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